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Transportation Engineering Department’s students and lecturers participate in international conference in Thailand
(updated on 04/04/2012 )

On October 14th-15th, 2011, representatives of Transportation Engineering Department’s students and lecturers participated and had reports at the international conference “Sufficiency Transport” which was hold in Pattaya, Thái Lan by Thailand Transportation Research Association.

Student Phạm Hoàng Mai and Đoàn Hồng Đức, class QG07, had their reports on “research on the needs of transportation of students in all universities in Ho Chi Minh” và “Prospects of public transportation in Ho Chi minh City”. In addition, those reports on “Orientation in sustainably and efficiently developing railway in Vietnam (Dr. Trịnh Văn Chính); “ Construction of fast-track buses transportation on the route An Sương – Suối Tiên” (Ms. Khuất Thị Hạnh). Most importantly, the report “Road Transportation Safety situation in Ho Chi Minh City and suggestions” (Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Huy) was awarded the best report in the conference.

Student Phạm Hoàng Mai on her report

Student Đoàn Hồng Đức on his report

Lecturers and Students of Transportation Engineering Department with Delegates
The reports which were presented at the conference attracted much attention from scientists, lecturers and students in many countries participating in the conference. After the conference, UT-HCMC group also spent their time on visiting sky train system BTS, underground train MRT, highway system and other infrastructure in Bangkok.

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