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Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport (UT-HCMC) attending the Opening Ceremony of The Premier Skills Project Phase II
(updated on 21/05/2010 )

Premier Skills is a project run in partnership between the British Council, the Premier League (UK) and local partners for young coaches, that not only helps to develop their football coaching skills, but also teaches them how to use football as a tool for skills and community development.

This is such an innovative international project led by Premier League coaches and former players. The opening ceremony of this project phase II took place on May 10th, 1020 with participation of young coaches and players from Vietnam, Korea and Malaysia, British coaches, representatives from British Council Vietnam and students of High Schools and Institutions in Ho Chi Minh City.

Training for a friendly match

In reply to the Invitation of British Council Vietnam, UT-HCMC appointed 40 students to attend the opening ceremony. The students are from Navigation Faculty (HH05) and the International Academic Programme (GC9 & GC10) of the university.

UT-HCMC students and  the UK’s football coaches & players

UT-HMC students are divided into 4 groups, taking part in interviewing professional coaches and players. Each group is required to write a report in English of approximately 200 words on what they feel about this project, and submit it to British Council Vietnam one week later. The best group will be awarded a ball signed by the UK’s pro coaches and players and 10 T-shirts carved with logos of British Council and Board of Organizers.

This event is believed to be one of the extracurricula activities which bring the students excellent  opportunities for their exchanges with pro coaches as well as players, which enables them to widen their knowledge of other countries’ culture and improve their English skills. 

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